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October 2013 

The musicians and management held a meeting to talk about the financial position of the Richmond Symphony. The meeting ended because management appeared to have little interest in modifying any of the issues in its imposed final offer that were significant to musicians.


September 2013 

The musicians of the Richmond Symphony continue to work under a regressive imposed contract.  


​October 22, 2012
The musicians of the Richmond Symphony have written an open letter to the board of directors.  

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October 1, 2012
The Richmond Symphony is moving to implement its Last, Best & Final Offer, and the other items included in the voting document that was rejected Saturday, as terms and conditions of employment, in the absence of a negotiated agreement.
September 29th, 2012​
The Musicians of the Richmond Symphony Orchestra have rejected their management's “Final” offer.

“The vote was nearly unanimous,” said musicians’ Negotiating Committee spokeswoman Molly Sharp. The offer included a 7% weekly wage reduction and reduced the season length from 38 to 36 weeks for full-time musicians. Per-service musicians would see a 7% reduction in per-service rates and a 7% reduction in annual service guarantees. Annual full-time wages would be reduced from $32,785 to $28,886. Additionally, nearly every benefit to musicians would suffer severe cuts. Between wage cuts, furlough weeks, and a reduced season, musicians would lose 12-15% of their annual income.

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