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Symphony Musicians of Richmond - (SMOR)


SMOR is an organization that advocates for the members of the Richmond Symphony inside The Richmond Musicians’ Association Local 123 of the American Federation of Musicians.


SMOR Values
  • Great performances of symphonic music.

  • A profound connection with our audience, the people of Richmond.

  • Good working conditions and fair compensation for symphony musicians.

SMOR Aspirations
  • Give weekly world class performances of symphonic music in the city of Richmond.

  • Engage new audiences through exciting orchestral educational and outreach performances.

  • Regularly perform with high caliber guest artist and conductors.

  • Expand the RSO core orchestra with the goal of joining the International Conference of Symphony and Opera Musicians.

  • Increase the base salary of the RSO until it is equal to the median income in the city of Richmond.

  • Have a collaborative and transparent relationship with the Richmond Symphony management and board of directors.


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