Many musicians play in ensembles outside of the Richmond Symphony and would be happy to help you with your event or concert series.  

Les Jolie Deux

violin duo

We do weddings, receptions, parties, anniversary celebrations, etc.  We play indoor and outdoor venues.  We have been playing weddings together since 1996.
contact Margie K. Heath at mbtwig@aol.com
website: www.joliedeux.com


Oberon Quartet

string quartet


After its formation in 1995 as part of the VCU Music Department, the Oberon Quartet began its residency at St. Catherine's and St. Christopher's Schools in 1996. Designed to be a quartet in residence, the quartet has become a valuable asset for education, culture and community enrichment. They provide educational concerts and classroom observation to all the divisions of both schools, along with two full length recitals at each school. Oberon seeks to be innovative in its programming by performing music both old and new. The past three years each concert has featured a work by a living composer, including some newly commissioned works. This season promises to engage audiences in new and exciting ways.


for more information: http://www.st.catherines.org/page/Arts/Music/Oberon-Quartet



string quartet, trio, duo, violin-clarinet duo, or solo violin
weddings, special events
contact Timothy Judd at www.timothyjuddviolin.com

Silverleaf String Quartet

weddings, receptions, corporate events, etc.
contact Paul or Susan Bedell at 804-330-3593
website: http://silverleafstringquartet.com

Landmark Brass
brass quintet, quartet, trio, duo or solo
weddings, funerals, ceremonies, graduations, church services, parties and anything in between with flexible instrumentation and a wide range of repertoire
contact Scott Winger at wingbone64@yahoo.com or 804-387-9576

The Atlantic Chamber Ensemble (ACE)

winds, strings and piano

Ace is available for concert series, educational outreach concerts, and house concerts.


Adelman Ensemble
string quartet, trio, duo, solo violin, or piano-violin duo
Weddings and other events
contact Jocelyn Adelman at

Afton Event Ensembles

based in Charlottesville, VA
Providing beautiful ceremony or background music for weddings, funerals, parties, wine tastings, coronations, and ship launchings in Central Virginia.
A lovely and lush string quartet is our default ensemble, but we become trio/duo/solo performers or add other instruments to suit your space, taste and budget.
Contact Alison Hall at

Mary Boodell, flute
Chamber Music Concerts with flute and mixed ensembles (harp, strings,piano or organ)
Baroque programs on traverso also available