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Martin Gordon

Assistant Principal bassoon

Hometown: Levittown, NY and Philadelphia, PA

Residence: Richmond, VA


Member since: 2002

Education: Arizona State University, University of North Texas

Contact Martin: 


Martin’s story is anything but the usual one of a 6-year-old being handed a violin.  Growing up, he had almost no exposure to orchestral music.  Then, when his family moved to a new city and Martin was a Sophomore in high school, a band teacher handed him a “weird-looking wooden pipe with buttons”.  Even then, he wasn’t hooked.  It wasn’t until he heard an orchestra perform Mozart’s Jupiter Symphony that he realized that he could never live without this.  Martin and his wife, violinist Sharla Gordon, are the proud parents of a 2-year-old son, James, who has already heard a few live orchestral performances.

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