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What does an orchestra do?

These musicians have trained their entire lives to bring orchestral masterpieces to life for Richmond audiences.  


It's a question worth asking: What can a professional orchestra provide Richmond that no other organization can?   The answer is obvious when you hear a powerful performance of Symphony No. 1, by Gustav Mahler or a sublime performance of Rachmaninov's  Second Piano Concerto.  It's so much different experiencing real people making powerful music right in front of your eyes!  For many of us, it was one single performance of a great orchestra that changed our lives forever.  Richmond audiences shouldn't have to leave the city to experience these cultural gems.  We've attracted players from around the world to bring them to life right here in Richmond!


Richmond has invested in a FULL TIME orchestra!


We are a group of players, paid a salary to work as a unit.  This core of full-time musicians is the organization's greatest artistic asset.  The purpose of the salary is twofold: First, it assures consistant membership, so that musicians can learn how to play together at a very high level.  Secondly, it removes any financial incentive to only use small musical forces because the full orchestra is built into the budget.  

We play multiple Masterworks concerts with a variety of well-known and up-and-coming soloists, and multiple Pops shows with vibrant guest artists. We will continue to push for a complete season with a variety of musical styles and types of concerts for everyone to enjoy. 

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