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musician concessions


The Richmond Symphony musicians have been portrayed as "unyielding" throughout these financial struggles. Below are a few examples of some of the concessions and sacrifices the musicians have made in recent years to help the RSO.

Last seven years agreed pay raises expressed in percentages
          Bargained              Actual 
• 2004     0%                       0 %
• 2005     0%                       0%
• 2006     2%                       2%
• 2007     2%                       2%
• 2008     4%                       4%
• 2009     5%                       0%
• 2010     5%                       2.5%
• 2011                                 2.5%          

  • In 2009, management came to the musicians and claimed financial hardship. The musicians agreed to extend the contract one year and a pay freeze.  This explains the discrepancy between the raises that were bargained and the raises the musicians actually received. 

In addition to a pay freeze the musicians also agreed to donate services for a concert. The value of the donations made by the musicians exceeded $30,000.00, and this money was taken from their salaries.

• The following summer management asked to freeze salaries again. The negotiating committee refused, asking for time to consult with experts and colleagues. Shortly after that, management went ahead and froze musician salaries unilaterally. 

•After involving the National Labor Relations Board, the musicians agreed to postpone half of the increase to avoid a public trial and controversy which would have undoubtedly had severe and lasting effects upon the organization.

• During that time, management continued to come to musicians for concessions. They raised $5.6 million for the endowment, beyond the goal of $5 million. Money raised for operations fell short and management went further into debt.

• Musicians have annually volunteered for fund raising events. (Music Marathon at Nordstrom)

• Musicians also participated in a fund raising concert to generate severance pay for a staff member leaving the orchestra.


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