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why Jeanine loves:

Bach Chaconne

The Chaconne is the last movement of the solo violin Partita no. 2 but a complete work in itself and a true masterpiece. The 15 minute work is a tour de force--both technically and musically. The theme and variations (30 variations in total) contain fascinating, complex ideas and structures that in order to be performed convincingly, require a high degree of technical finesse, musical maturity, emotional depth and a thorough intellectual understanding of how the work is constructed.

To perform this solo work from memory demands the utmost in concentration and focus.

From start to finish, the Chaconne utilizes nearly everything that can be played on the violin, and so the careful study of it helps to develop and refine many areas of violin technique.

Like a great work of architecture, it is perfectly and elegantly constructed, multilayered, and profoundly beautiful. It is a work of art I could spend the rest of my life studying and performing always to be continually rewarded with new discoveries and insights about the music and my own playing.​



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