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Reductions in Artistic Output

The Board of Directors of the Richmond Symphony has reduced the Masterworks series from sixteen concerts in 2011-12,  to only eleven concerts in 2012-13. This reduction is troublesome for two reasons. From an artistic standpoint, it means that musicians play together less frequently as an ensemble, harming musical quality. From a civic standpoint, it means that the symphony is less visible to the public and less central to the cultural life of the city.

We base our growth goals on the activities of orchestras in other similar sized metro areas.  Success for us can be measured by a combination of a few key indicators: the number of full time players, number of masterworks, number of weeks of work, and quality of our soloists and conductors.​ The Richmond Symphony now offers fewer Masterworks and fewer Pops concerts than any of our "peers" in similarly sized metro areas around the country.

This chart shows the reduction in the number of concerts the RSO has offered Richmond throughout the years.  

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